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About Us

Are you tired of the unsightly weeds sprouting up in your flowerbeds and around your house? If so, The Weeding Team of Central Pennsylvania is here to help. Our dedicated landscaping professionals are committed to providing reliable and affordable weeding services that can get rid of those pesky green eyesores quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we also provide our customers with a wide range of other landscaping services such as spring cleanup, mowing, and fall cleanup. With us, you can trust that The Weeding Team will take care of your landscaping needs.

Our Story

Lucas Cunningham, an experienced entrepreneur in the landscape industry, founded his own company in 2019 alongside a lifelong friend. After selling the company and taking some time for introspection, he realized there was a prevalent issue that needed to be addressed: the ongoing maintenance of flower beds and properties. Many landscape companies focus solely on one-time services, frustrating customers when they need further assistance. The Weeding Team LLC aims to solve this problem by offering many different services to its customers. From keeping mulch fresh and weed-free to trimming bushes and of course mowing! We provide everything our clients need for their landscaping needs. The only exceptions are hardscaping and lawn fertilization applications, as our expertise lies in other areas.

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